PVC Rigid Sheet
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                                                Rigid PVC sheet(extruded plastic board)




                                                According to the customers’ request








                                                We can produce other special sizes according to the customers’ request.


                                                Grey,black£¬white,can make according custormer



                                                Good surface brightness ,no crack, Impact-resistant

                                                Execelletn strength and toughness performance

                                                Non absorbent,  Flame retarded

                                                Weather resistant,water proof, acid proof,  Resistant to chemicals and corrosion., Abrasive-resistant , Excellent UV resistance

                                                Standardized size , No deformation, resuable, Good insulation

                                                Moisture resistance, Aging-resistant


                                                Industrial PVC sheet has a maximum long term service temperature of 60°C and also has a melting point of 75°C. Although PVC has a tensile strength of about 52Mpa,it is not the toughest engineering plastic and althougth PVC is durable,it can fracture to large impact.


                                                Machining; Cutting, sawing, turning, drilling, planing, milling, grinding & screwing.
                                                Forming; Stretch forming, thermoforming, vacuum forming, blow moulding, bending, folding & punching.
                                                Welding;Hot-gas, heated-tool & folding.
                                                Eviroment protection,chemical industry,mentallurgy of rare metals, extraction work of rare earth,water treatment, construction industry and bridge-building industry

                                                PVC rigid sheet comprises of  PVC resin, stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, fillers, impact modifiers, pigments and other additives.  PVC is an abbreviation for Polyvinyl Chloride.

                                                Applications for grey industrial PVC Sheet
                                                Industrial PVC Sheet is often used in the fabrication industry to line or clad chemical tanks, because of PVC Sheet’s ability and resistance to chemical attack and its excellent fabrication and forming potential, this plastic is an ideal choice. Grey PVC Sheet is also a popular choice for general purpose fabrication, because PVC Sheet is very economical and easy to machine, this particular product is recommended more than most other engineering plastics. Grey Industrial PVC Sheet is also a very popular for producing battery containers due to its acid resistance, light weight and its excellent fabrication advantages. PVC Sheet is also useful for the manufacture of prototype products this is because it is not only economical but can be bonded with most commonly available adhesives.

                                                Features of grey industrial PVC Sheet
                                                PVC Sheet is a very important engineering plastic that has a class one fire rating, this can help where fire rating is important and it is also self extinguishing. Grey PVC Sheet can easily be formed or fabricated by applying moderate localised heat and forming the sheet into the desired shape or position and allowing to cool, this could also be re-processed in the same manner to readjust as needed.
                                                Grey industrial PVC Sheet can easily be welded using cheap lightweight welding equipment to form a strong joint. PVC Sheet is also an excellent electrical insulator and is often used for blanking covers to shield electrical componentry. PVC Sheet also has very low moisture absorption a feature which helps keep components stable in a damp or wet atmosphere. Only PVC Sheet has a very good chemical and acid resistance making it a great product where acid resistance is a benefit.

                                                Availability of Grey PVC Sheet
                                                Grey PVC Sheet is commonly available in sheet sizes of 2000mm X 1000mm, 2440mm X 1220mm and also 3000mm X 1500mm, PVC Sheet is available in larger sheet sizes but would be subject to a special production run. Grey PVC Sheet is commonly available in a large and useful range of thickness starting with 1.5mm up to 50mm, other sheet thickness are available to order. Industrial PVC Sheet is commonly grey in colour and shade can vary due to batch and manufacturer preference.

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